Smart Waste Collection

Dynamic and intelligent management
of residual materials collection

Our solution aims for smarter and more dynamic waste management. It uses IoT sensors and a management app that integrates advanced features to detect the contents and fill levels of containers and identify those that need collection or maintenance.  

Muirwood helps cities, building owners, collection businesses and waste disposal truck drivers optimize their daily tasks, while improving citizen services. 

Informed Decisions Based on Valuable Data

Making your waste collection infrastructure smarter gives you access to precise and detailed data for better decision-making. The customizable reports and features of our app give you valuable tools to manage more proactively, reduce operating costs and get the most out of the resources at your disposal.

Dynamic Route and Operation Planning

Plan your routes according to actual needs. The app allows you to assign routes and determine the tasks that need to be performed to ensure the proactive and dynamic collection and maintenance of containers, which significantly reduce unnecessary movements of your resources.

Geolocation and Automatic Zone Assignation

Once the sensors are installed and connected to the app, you will see exactly where the containers are. The containers are then automatically assigned to the collection routes, according to the zones you configured beforehand.

Detection of Container Fill Levels

The app allows you to visualize the fill levels of containers, detect if there are movements inside and obtain detailed information on gas and liquid accumulation, as well as ambient temperature.

Event History

Get real-time data and create customized events to quickly identify the information you need to make decisions. The app gives you access to the event history, so you can easily set up the necessary resources to anticipate future requirements.

Smart Alert Management

Receive customized alerts, by SMS or email. The app gives you the possibility to generate tasks automatically when an alert is triggered, so you can quickly respond to the situations that have been flagged by the system.

Why Do Business With Us?

Eliminate Overflowing Containers

Thanks to customizable alerts and operation automation, overflowing containers are a thing of the past.

Improve Collection Frequency

By using the data generated by our sensors, collection is done only when it is necessary. No waste of time and unnecessary trips.

Optimize Collection Routes

Automatic route assignation for drivers ensures that each collection route is optimized, thereby cutting down on costs, reducing CO2 emissions and improving operational efficiency.

Improve Quality of Life

Fewer overflowing containers that spill their contents in the environment and release bad smells means a better quality of life for citizens and much fewer complaints for managers.

How Does the App Work?

The app is connected to AWS. The servers, managed by Amazon, provide heavy-duty reliability and ensure constant access to your data and management tools.

Our app is developed by a team of specialists who work closely with managers and workers to develop tools adapted to their needs and to the real issues of the waste management industry.

Who can benefit from our solution?


Smart Cities


Office Buildings

Rental Buildings


Waste Collection Businesses

Public Buildings and Campuses

Implementation of a Fast Solution

The sensor developed by Muirwood takes only a few moments to install. Our engineers have designed the device to make it easy to insert directly at the manufacturer or in containers that are already set up at their location. In other words, there is no major work to anticipate for implementing the solution. Installation costs are minimal and within reach of all organizations and municipalities. With our solution, you will have a smart tool at your disposal to shape a greener and more efficient future. 


in Semi-Underground Containers

Sensor Commissioning

and Connection to the Platform

Data Reception

and Collection Management

Discover How Smart Waste Management Will Make
You Save Time and Money

Simply put, our solution helps municipalities, cities and organizations save time and money in waste management.