A Smart Sensor for Your
Semi-Underground Containers

Valuable Data to Make Informed Decisions

The sensor developed by Muirwood generates valuable data to help you understand actual use of semi-underground containers. What is more, our sensor has a built-in system that allows you to measure the temperature inside the container and detect the presence of smoke, fire, water and humidity. It also includes a GPS to track the containers. Equipped with our sensors, semi-underground containers turn into smart containers. The sensors generate detailed data on the state of the containers and use. This data feeds our management app where customized reports help you make informed decisions to optimize waste management. 

Sensor features

GPS Tracking

The sensor includes GPS tracking and a telemetry system that allows collection teams to visualize the location of containers and optimize the efficiency of trash, recycling and compost collection.

Fill Levels Detection

Thanks to our technology, you will be able to know precisely the fill levels of your containers, which will allow you to plan collection at the right time and minimize unnecessary trips.

Environmental Sensor

The sensor includes an environmental device that monitors humidity levels, internal temperature and gas and liquid accumulation, for the proactive management of potential problems like freezing and the build-up of smelly gas or liquids at the bottom of the containers.

Long-Lasting Batteriess

Our sensors are equipped with a long-lasting battery that ensures long-term operation and reliable power supply, without service interruptions. Battery levels can be checked directly through our cloud-based app.


The sensor itself is built from solid and impact-resistant materials. For even greater durability, we added a steel shield to our sensor, to reduce even more the risks of breakage associated with the container’s normal use.


Adapted to the Quebec Climate

Our sensor was tested in extreme weather conditions. In both summer and winter, during heatwaves and violent snowstorms, the sensor continues to send reliable data to inform you about the state of your containers.

Simple and Low-Cost Installation

Our engineers have designed the sensor so that it is easy to install in existing semi-underground containers. Since it takes advantage of the containers’ structure, it requires no specialized workers or complex and costly upgrading work. The sensor is installed in a few minutes and can be put into operation quickly. 

As a result, our sensor is suitable both for municipalities with a restricted operating budget and big cities that have already thriving green initiatives.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Waste Management

Simply put, our solution helps municipalities, cities and organizations save time and money in waste management.