About Muirwood

Our Mission

Muirwood is committed to revolutionizing waste management. By means of smart sensors connected to a cloud-based app, our solution paves the way for greener, more efficient and more modern management methods. 

Most cities are facing management issues concerning trash, compost and recycling collection. The problems linked to traditional collection strategies are many: Waste collection at the wrong times, unexpected problems that overload workers, environmental damage that is difficult to manage, overflowing containers that affect people’s quality of life, etc.

Muirwood offers a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize all the aspects of waste collection by providing smart IoT technology to municipalities, RCM, cities, operators, businesses and building managers.

Our Story

Muirwood was founded on principles of growth and stability. After many years working to develop smart cities and innovative technological solutions, we observed a growing need for optimizing trash, recycling and compost management methods. 

Although implemented initiatives are well received by the public, collection problems often restrict the efforts that are deployed to improve the quality of our environment. 

One of our major findings is that waste collection according to a predetermined schedule occurs either too early or too late. Seeing the massive costs associated with this collection method and the anticipated costs of changing it, Muirwood made it its mission to change the way things work by using modern technology and artificial intelligence. 

Muirwood is specialized in the development of cloud-based apps and in the optimization of management methods with smart tools, and it created an innovative solution to make these initiatives last. Our solution was developed specifically with the aim of promoting a smart and innovative waste management method, and it is simple and inexpensive to deploy. 

It is in line with our idea of wanting to change the course of things and bring management methods in the age of artificial intelligence that we created our smart sensor and our management app. We believe that better waste management today will help us create a better future.

For Smart, Greener and More Efficient Waste Management

Simply put, our solution helps municipalities, cities and organizations save time and money in waste management.