A Smart Solution for a Greener Future

Our solution is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Its implementation is within reach of all organizations and municipalities. It optimizes operating costs, eliminates unnecessary collections and reduces the use of waste disposal vehicles thanks to a smart selective collection system.

Smart Semi-Underground Containers

We adapt existing containers or work closely with manufacturers to provide smart semi-underground containers that serve both trash and recyclables.

Management Platform

Our solution gives you access to a comprehensive management platform that collects the data, optimizes collection routes and generates alerts in case of events that require your attention.

IoT Sensors

Our sensors monitor the fill levels in containers, detect fluids and gas emissions and generate valuable data to enable you to make informed decisions.

Choose More Cost-Efficient and
Eco-Friendly Waste Management

We know how much waste management constitutes a daily challenge. Unexpected overflows, citizen complaints, damage that leaves the environment in a poor condition… At Muirwood, we believe that by simplifying access to a smart management solution, we can make people’s daily lives better, for today and tomorrow. Our solution offers heavy-duty sensors and a technological platform connected to reliable servers.

Our solution allows you to reduce unnecessary collections, optimize work time and avoid overflows, with the decontamination and cleaning costs the latter entails. Working hours are made more profitable and collection errors are reduced to zero. 

By collecting containers according to their fullness levels, you can optimize truck routes and split the workload more evenly among your teams. As a result, collection is faster, better distributed and more profitable.

Less overflowing waste means less damage and fewer bad smells. For citizens, it represents a significant improvement of their living environment. Our solution also promotes the development of sustainable recycling practices and contributes to raising awareness on waste generation.

Thanks to our IoT sensors, you will be able to collect precise data on container use and their fill levels. The sensors detect gas or liquid accumulations that could harm the environment or lead to problems during collection.

Streamlined Deployment

Our sensor was designed for fast and reliable installation in semi-underground containers, whether the containers are already set up on location or not. The intelligent sensor can be installed in no time at all, and it is immediately functional. 


in Semi-Underground Containers

Sensor Commissioning

and Connection to the Platform

Data Reception

and Collection Management

For Greener and More Efficient Waste Management

Simply put, our solution helps municipalities, cities and organizations save time and money in waste management.